The mission of SEL is to empower mature adults to lead productive, creative and independent lives by offering continuing stimulating educational programs and courses.

Welcome to SEL!

Seniors Enriched Living (SEL) is an adult continuing education

organization for the over 50 community. As a secular non-profit, we have been providing lifelong learning opportunities since 1990. Located in Roswell, Georgia, we welcome people from all over metro Atlanta, as well as remotely from anywhere in the world through our virtual classes. 

We can’t wait to see you!

Join us in-person or remotely and become a lifelong

learner with Seniors Enriched Living! 

Popular Subjects from Outstanding Instructors:

History * Music * Religion * Current Events * U.S. Constitution * Literature * Travel * Art History * Geography * National Parks * Genealogy * Economics and Finance * Philosophy * Health * Painting * American Culture * Humor * Technology * Popular Culture * Bridge * WWII * Criminal Justice * Photography * Nature


"SEL filled a void after retiring. Co-learners replaced co-workers. I love it!"

The SEL instructors are top-notch. They come with years of professional experience from their careers, and their own love of teaching and continuing to learn.

"I get so excited when I watch Jeopardy and get a particular answer. I say to myself, 'I learned that at SEL!'"